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          Knights of Columbus Prayers for the Good of the Order December 27, 2017  


I. Clergy & Religious * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1.For Pope Francis, all bishops, priests, deacons, and consecrated religious.

2.For Venerable Michael J. McGivney, K of C founder, as cause for sainthood moves forward at the Vatican.

3.For Fr. Albert Hauser, who had his right leg amputated below the knee because of diabetes. (05/03/17)

4.For Msgr. Tom Tank, very thankful for continuing prayers that help control his lung cancer. (08/30/17)

5.For AVI priest Fr. Scott Kallal, in need of special prayers as he undergoes challenges to his priestly ministry.

6.For AVI Postulant Carol’s special intention as she discerns her vocation. (05/03/17)

II. Brother Knights * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

7.For Brother Bob Lackner, died Thursday, Dec 14th. May his soul RIP. (12/27/17)

8.For Brother Joe Kolich’s nephew Mike, had open heart surgery today to replace aortic valve. (12/27/17)

9.For Brother Joe Kolich’s 3yr old granddaughter Emily, thankful for overcoming 2nd bout of pneumonia.12/27/17

10.For all Brother Knights traveling this Christmas Season...may their trips be joyful and safe. (12/27/17)

11.For Brother Everett Fritz’s request for special intention prayers for his daughter Joyce Morgan. (12/20/17)

12.For Brother Ron Micek’s prayer request for friends Ron Glen and Gene Hahn, facing health issues. (12/20/17)

13.For Brother Val Ruzick’s friend Olivia Connealy (6), Holy Trinity student, suffering from prolonged intermittent seizures and subsequent brain swelling. Family praying for a miracle. (12/20/17)

14.For Brother Ron Micek’s friend Dennis Keefer (77), suffering from a chronic, agonizing, spinal injury. (12/20/17)

15.For Brother Dale Brenon and wife Irene, both coping at home with health issues: Dale managing lung issues with portable oxygen, and Irene resting while a new medicine protocol is being evaluated for her. (12/20/17)

16.For Brother Joe Pollock, cancer now inactive, still undergoing chemo biweekly, doing much better. (12/20/17)

17.For Brother Joe Pollock’s friend John Grodzicki, becoming more frail , off chemo, cancer spreading. (12/20/17)

18.For Brother Al Gracik’s daughter Pauline, for successful surgery after extraction of infected tooth. (12/20/17)

19.For Brother Greg Miller’s friend Nick Guetterman, for successful recovery from recent back surgery. (12/13/17)

20.For Brother Bill Treu, thankful for a very special intention answered for grandson Grant Whitney. (12/13/17)

21.For Brother Dave Wellman’s grandson, as improvement continues and prayers are being answered. (12/13/17)

22.For Brother Joe Kolich’s care receiver Rosie Cindrich, battling extensive skin cancer, back pain, and other draining end-of-life issues, that she may receive some relief and comfort thru her trust in the Lord. (12/13/17)

23.For Brother Tom McChesney’s mother-in-law Martha Presecan, diagnosed with ovarian cancer. (12/06/17)

24.For Brother Bill Treu, suffering from diverticulitus, undergoing medical procedures prior to surgery. (12/06/17)

25.For Brother Bob Carney’s son Brent (58), abdominal cancer stable w/o therapy, recent 3 month test in November was excellent, and doctors have extended next checkup to 6 months. (08/23/17)

26.For Brother John Manning’s father Donald (85), out of rehab for fluid in lungs, dealing with recovery complications and various other issues. (11/29/17)

27.For Brother Vince Santa Maria, had successful stent insertion into an artery Jul 19th, and also is successfully controlling his cancer with use of recent USDA breakthrough meds! Is thankful for our prayers. (11/15/17)

28.For Brother Vince Santa Maria’s wife Suzie, battling but unable to control Parkinson’s disease. (11/15/17)

29.For Brother Tom Maillard’s friend, Gary Pollard, recently diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer. (11/15/17)

30.For Brother Ron Micek’s friend Tom Potter, good recovery from heart surgery, still needs prayers. (11/08/17)

31.For Brother Ron Micek’s special intention for his grandson. Continuing prayers requested. (11/08/17)

32.For Brother Jerry Gerstberger’s wife’s cousin, Bonnie Ruder, diagnosed late October, 2017, with ALS.(11/01/17)

33.For Brother Tom Spencer, started 9 weeks (5 days/wk) of treatment for prostate cancer Oct 30th. (11/01/17)

34.For Brother Greg Brown’s dad Donald, former GK, dealing with stroke, seizures, and speech issues. (10/25/17)

35.For Brother Jonathon White’s friend Linda Droste, dealing with Stage 4 breast cancer. (10/18/17)

36.For Brother Charles Priputin’s special intention for a grand-daughter. (10/18/17)

37.For Brother Michael McCray’s special intention for his niece, Joan Klink. (09/20/17)

38.For Brother Joe Kolich’s respective prayer needs for daughter Julie, son Jim, and niece Barb Smiley. (09/13/17)

39.For Brother Harry Hilton, dealing with multiple, on-going health issues. (08/16/17)

40.For Brother Larry Levret, still battling Graft vs Host disease with promising new meds. (07/19/17)

41.For Brother Michael McCray, dealing with heart and blood pressure issues that limit mobility. (6/21/17)

42.For Brother Brian Wagner’s uncle Art Wagner, recently diagnosed with cancer, requested prayers. (06/14/17)

III. Parishioner/Other Entries * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

43.For parishioner Pat Klausner’s daughter, struggling with difficult recovery from knee surgery. (12/27/17)

44.For parishioner Pat Klausner’s brother-in-law Jerry Ebersol, thankful for successful heart surgery. (12/27/17)

45.For parishioner Maria Blanco’s friend Shari Narde, has bone cancer, preparing for treatment. (12/20/17)

46.For parishioner Pat Klausner’s grand-daughter (11), fighting Type 1 Diabetes, no current cure. (12/20/17)

47.For friend of the Knights Kathy Dean, President of Uplift, for her successful upcoming surgery. (11/29/17)

48.For parishioner Maria Blanco’s ongoing prayer request for special intentions. (11/08/17)

49.For parishioner Terry Kilgore and son Stephen, both suffering from chronic, worsening health issues. (09/13/17)

50.For parishioner Joan Carney’s daughter-in-law Lori’s brother Skip Freese, on-going chemo for Stage 4 lung cancer (not helping much), and needs continuing prayers. (08/23/17)

51.For parishioner Marianne Souders, stopped treatment for Ovarian cancer, still needs prayers. (08/23/17)

52.For parishioner Eloise Lenahan’s niece Kathleen Soller (17), non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma near heart. (08/23/17)

53.For parishioner Pat Klausner’s niece Karen (50), recovering slowly at home from serious coma medicines. Prayers requested. Deep concern. (08/23/17)

54.For parishioner MaryAnn Noonan’s cousin Rosalie, diagnosed with brain cancer Aug 15th. (08/16/17)

IV. People with continuing and/or long term prayer needs * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

55.For Brother Mark Reynolds’ daughter Katie Scott (28), completed 10 month cancer treatment in Aug, 2017, has relapsed, and is now trying to get into a clinical trial. (12/27/17)

56.For Brother Val Ruzick’s mother Theresa Ruzick (89), suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s. (12/13/17)

57.For Brother Dave Chaffee’s brother Norman, 75, no change in ongoing Multiple Myeloma cancer. (08/30/17)

58.For Brother Mike Scherschligt, dealing with very serious back issues, Mayo Clinic unable to help him. (08/23/17)

59.For Brother Doug Burleigh, who requested prayers for a personal struggle. (08/02/17)

60.For Brother Doug Burleigh’s brother-in-law Bob (72), ongoing pain from replacement of both knees, both shoulders, and both hips, plus cervical crack in neck bone. Desires prayers for strength to endure.

61.For Brother Tom Swortwood’s son, John Thomas, missing since December 2011.

V. Permanent General Petitions * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

62.For all persons formerly on the Prayer List with lasting issues, now listed on the Prayer List Extension.

63.For all Knights who may have special prayer needs and/or intentions that are not on this list.

64.For all Knights, and other parishioners and family members who are seeking employment.

65.For all ongoing prayer requests submitted to the AVI Collaborator Prayer Warriors.

66.For the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially those who have no one to pray for them.

67.For the unborn and the dignity of all human life, including Christians being persecuted because of their faith.

68.For all people dealing with hunger, disease, natural disasters, unrest, and terrorism.

69.For all people dealing with depression, mental illness, and those contemplating suicide.

70.For the formation of our seminarians, novice sisters, and permanent deacons.

71.For more vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

72.For family and friends who have fallen away from their faith.

73.For our parish's Stephen Ministers and their Care Receivers.

74.For the United States of America, our President, the Congress, and especially for God’s intercession to suppress the assault on our constitution, religious freedoms, and other traditional American values .

75.For our deployed military men and women, may they be well and safe.

76.For our military men and women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

77.For First Responders worldwide (Police, Firemen, EMTs), in gratitude for service and prayers for their safety.

78.For the petitions in our Church’s prayer book, and in gratitude for prayers answered.

        * * * * Note: Bold, italicized entry indicates addition or significant change. * * * *